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  • Rehabilitation Division

    The rehabilitation medicine team of Shanghai Bainuo Clinic includes rehabilitation physicians, chiropractors, and physiotherapists. The service languages cover Chinese, English, Japanese, etc.

    We help people who unfortunately have limited motor function due to illness or injury. Here, we provide kind and humanistic care, professional clinical diagnosis and international level rehabilitation treatment. We not only attach importance to disease rehabilitation, but also take functional rehabilitation as the core and promoting the functional recovery of patients as the orientation. The rehabilitation treatment plans combine clinical treatment and rehabilitation training, and take into account the patient's gender, age, work, family and exercise habits, as well as the actual ability, needs and goals of each patient. Here, every patient will receive one-to-one rehabilitation treatment, and we will formulate a family rehabilitation plan for each patient, so that each patient can receive personalized and comprehensive rehabilitation treatment. We always adhere to the customer-centered concept, and help build a better life with enthusiastic and professional rehabilitation services.

Scope of Services

Various muscle, tendon and soft tissue diseases;

Various bone and joint diseases;

Various sports injuries;

Various conditions after bone surgery;

Treatment and Services

Diagnosis and conservative treatment of various musculoskeletal diseases;

Protection, diagnosis and conservative treatment of various sports injuries;

Formulation of various rehabilitation evaluations and rehabilitation plans;

Plantar pressure detection;

Cardiopulmonary function test

Screening and evaluation of adolescent scoliosis;

Posture evaluation;

Measurement and production of various assistive devices and braces;