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  • Psychiatric Department

    The Psychiatry Department of Columbia Kaiyi Clinic includes clinical psychology and mental health specialties. In order to adapt to the needs of modern society, medical professionals lead the diagnosis and treatment to improve people’s quality of life. Our team in Psychiatry Department can conduct psychological assessment and treatment planning for adults, children, couples, families or organizations in need, and provide psychological testing, psychological counseling and psychological treatment services to help determine the individual’s self-care ability, so as to establish more targeted treatment plans.

Scope of Services

Personal psychological consultation for children, adolescents and adults

Marriage and conjugal relationship consultation

Family psychological consultation

Group psychological consultation

Consultation on children's education issues

Psychological crisis prevention

Psychological stress management

Inhibition of anger

Mediation of grief

Suicide prevention

Employee psychological assistance program

Treatment and Services

Anxiety, mild depression and other affective disorders

Child behavior and development issues

Cross-cultural and other life adjustment issues

Post-traumatic psychological syndrome

Interpersonal relationship handling issues