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    The ENT doctors in Columbia Kaiyi Clinic can communicate in Chinese, Japanese and Korean, serve patients patiently and carefully, and strive to provide reassured, safe and reliable diagnosis and treatment for the patients. It can serve all patients from children to adults. During the diagnosis and treatment, painless ENT endoscope that does not require anesthesia is used according to the conditions, the doctor will view the examination images together with the patient and communicate with the patient in plain and simple language, so that the patient can clearly understand the disease condition and the medication situation, thus providing the patients with satisfactory diagnosis and treatment to the greatest extent.

Scope of Services

Otitis externa

Eczema of external ear

Ceruminal impaction of external ear canal

Secretory otitis media

Suppurative otitis media

Acute and chronic rhinitis

Allergic rhinitis





Peritonsillar abscess, etc.

Treatment and Services

Inflammatory and allergic diseases of ENT

Painless ENT endoscope that does not require anesthesia, and detailed explanation of the results of various examinations