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  • Pediatrics Department

    Our pediatric department mainly provides children with comprehensive physical examination, vaccination guidance, feeding guidance, sleep guidance and so on. Meanwhile, we carries out observation and evaluation on children's gross motor, fine motor, language, social skills and intelligence, and accurately and professionally evaluates children's physical and mental development level. We shift from a focus on disease treatment to a focus on systematic child health management.

Scope of Services

We can provide services for the customers who suffer the following symptoms:


Vomiting, diarrhea

Allergic reaction

Asthma, bronchitis


Acute and chronic abdominal pain

Dermatitis, eczema

Trauma - emergency wound treatment and suture, emergency treatment of fracture

Endocrine problems: premature or delayed puberty, type 1 diabetes

Urinary tract infection, balanoposthitis, hematuria, proteinuria

Treatment and Services

Routine physical examination and developmental assessment of children

Medical care and prevention guidance for common, frequently-occurring and chronic diseases in pediatrics

Diagnosis and treatment of endocrine disorders in children

Prevention and treatment of children's allergies

Guidance on nutritional diseases (e.g., malnutrition or obesity)

Childhood asthma

Urinary tract infection

Team of Doctors