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  • Internal Medicine

    The Internal Medicine Department of Columbia Kaiyi Clinic is composed of medical experts from domestic Grade-A Tertiary hospitals and internationally renowned medical experts with rich clinical work experience, and is committed to providing international-level humanized medical services. The internal medicine expert team has many years of clinical medical experience and is familiar with the occurrence, development and prognosis of various common internal medicine diseases, focuses on prevention, and gives consideration to both prevention and treatment; always focuses on customer needs, maintains enthusiastic and professional diagnosis and treatment, nursing and humanized services, pays attention to the feelings of patients, and helps you get well soon in relaxed and comfortable environment and atmosphere through warm and considerate services.

Scope of Services

Department of Respiratory Medicine: Various respiratory infections (influenza, upper respiratory tract infection, tracheitis, pneumonia) \ chronic obstructive pulmonary disease \ asthma \ pleural effusion \ sleep apnea syndrome \ lung tumor

Gastroenterology Department: Various gastric and biliary diseases \ Liver diseases (fatty liver, chronic liver function damage) \ Indigestion \ Chronic constipation, diarrhea \ Helicobacter pylori \ Gastrointestinal polyposis

Cardiovascular Medicine Department: Hypertension \ Arteriosclerosis \ Ischemic Heart Disease \ Arrhythmia \ Heart Function Evaluation

Endocrine and metabolic disorders: Diabetes \ Hyperlipidemia \ Hyperuricemia \ Osteoporosis \ Thyroid disease

Renal diseases: Urinary tract infection \ Abnormal kidney function \ Lithiasis

Hematological diseases: Various common anemias \ Abnormal blood clotting

Department of Neurology: various headaches and dizziness \ sleep disorders \ memory disorders \ cerebral circulation insufficiency \ trigeminal neuralgia \ sciatica 

Treatment and Services

Long-term treatment and management of chronic diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia, thyroid dysfunction, etc.

Diagnosis and treatment of acute diseases

Laboratory examinations

X-ray, B-ultrasound, EKG and other imaging examination methods